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Nuclear Power Key to Slovenia’s Carbon Neutrality

Nuclear Power Plant Slovenia

The government appears prepared to making construction of a new nuclear reactor a cornerstone of Slovenia's plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 in line with EU goals. Prime Minister Marjan Šarec told parliament on Monday that without unit two at the Krško nuclear power station, the goal would not be achieved.

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Majority of Small Businesses Face Staff Shortages

About three quarters of small business owners have a hard time finding adequately trained and skilled staff, found a survey recently conducted by the Chamber of Trade Crafts and Small Business (OZS). They are also fairly optimistic that the government will come up with systemic solutions.

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Serial Production Of World’s Only Floating Gramophones Launched in Nova Gorica

Mag-Lev Audio has launched the production of the world’s only floating gramophones in rented premises in Nova Gorica. The company has recently employed 12 more people and now comprises a total of 20 people. Directors Tomaž Pegan and Davorin Furlan said at a presentation in the Primorska Technology Park in Vrtojba that they plan to produce around 1,500 floating gramophones ...

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Ljubljana’s BTC Wants To Become a Testing Ground For Self-Driving Vehicles

Every day, around 34,000 vehicles drive through the BTC shopping district in Ljubljana, said BTC chairman Jože Mermal, adding that the shopping district could become a testing ground for driverless vehicles. Mermal said at a presentation on Tuesday that BTC invested 100,000 euros in the project. According to Mermal, the BTC shopping district is an ideal testing ground for autonomous ...

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Spa Resorts Report Record Results in 2017

Ljubljana – Slovenian spa resorts recorded yet another record year in 2017, as the number of guests increased by 12.8% year-on-year to nearly 845,000. Over 51% of the guests were foreign; this was the first time that the number of foreign guests exceeded the number of Slovenian guests in spa resorts. The number of foreign guests was up 22.9% to ...

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Slovenia – Europe’s new Silicon Valley?

Blockchain, the technology of the future, is in the spotlight of different governments today: several countries are fighting for the right to become Europe’s Silicon Valley in the field of decentralized technologies. Like Cyprus and Malta, known for loud statements of their politicians about blockchain, Slovenia strives to receive the title. Chances are high it will succeed. The country’s high ...

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AI Is the Future, And Slovenia Holds The Key

When artificial intelligence started becoming more than just a science fiction buzzword, Slovenia was one of the first countries to embrace it — as far back as the early 1970s. The investment continues to this day, and the Financial Times reports that Slovenia and the Czech Republic both continue to spend as much on research and innovation as other larger western European countries. Made Possible ...

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Tomos Back On Its Feet, Offering New Jobs

Tomos from Koper is optimistic regarding their future, as they finally managed to assure the indispensable financial resources for restarting their production. After many years Tomos will again start employing new workers. Before summer, which should have been their most busy part of the year, the production was on decline, admits the head of Tomos Iztok Pikl. They managed to produce and ...

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Another high-tech Japanese investment in Slovenia

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, which already owns “Summit auto” in Slovenia, intends to build a high-tech factory for the production of elastomer for use in medicine in Slovenia. Finance’s website was the first to write about the investment. The company has now confirmed on its website that it plans to build a factory in central Slovenia – according to Finance, the ...

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