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What’s new at Triglav Club in Sydney?

Peter Krope, president of Triglav Club in Sydney spoke to us about their association, where they recently held their bi-annual elections of their new committee for 2014-2016. He spoke about the importance of the 2nd and 3rd generations of Australian Slovenians getting more involved in the Slovenian Community and that their organisation is looking at making a number of changes ...

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Slovensko društvo Melbourne celebrates its 60th anniversary

These days the Slovenian community in Melbourne is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its largest organisation, the Slovenian Association Melbourne. All current and potential members are invited to join in celebrations that will start on Saturday, 29 November, and end on Sunday, 30 November. The program is available on the Association’s website. On 5 December 1954, the first meeting that ...

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Slovenian Book Fair Goes International

Publishers from Scotland, Russia and Croatia will join scores of Slovenian exhibitors for the 30th edition of the Slovenian Book Fair at Ljubljana’s Cankarjev dom this week. Participation by foreign publishers is a novelty this year, as organizers seek to go international and expand the content and the events outside the cultural centre of Cankarjev dom. Another novelty is the ...

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Are You Watching the Greatest Skier in History?

Tina Maze: Foto: Ruben Sprich/Reuters

Americans might do well to notice Tina Maze, the Michael Jordan of an under-appreciated spectator sport. The most exciting seconds in sports could come in the last lap of a Formula One race, or as the clock spins to zero and the point guard hangs in mid-air as he tries for one last three-pointer. These are examples of high tension ...

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Jure Leskovec Receives the Prestigious Ambassador of Science Award

Jure Leskovec has been awarded the Recognition of the Ambassador of Science of the Republic of Slovenia, a national award given to a Slovenian native each year in recognition of outstanding achievements and global scientific impact. The Committee selected Jure for this prestigious title due to his leadership, outstanding academic and research achievements as well as for training Slovenian students ...

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Matej Fegus is the 2014 CEED entepreneur of the year

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development (“CEED”) announced the winner of the 2014 CEED Entrepreneur of the Year award during the CEED Global Annual Conference in Casablanca, Morocco on October 23, 2014. The 2014 CEED Entrepreneur of the Year is Matej Feguš, CEO of DONAR d.o.o. Matej Feguš was selected based on his achievements in enhancing the capacity of ...

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In the winter of 1952, life in Slovenia came to a standstill

On February 13, 1952, snow began to fall on Slovenia and didn’t let up for three days. It caused widespread chaos that has become a part of Slovenian weather history. It all began when a blast of cold Arctic air formed an area of low pressure in the Mediterranean. In Slovenia, the warm Adriatic and the cold continental air masses ...

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Martinovanje in New York

The New York Branch of Slovenian Union of America organized the annual Martinovanje event at the Church of Saint Cyril in New Yorkon Sunday, November 9. On behalf of the Branch 93 Tanya Vajk welcomed honored guests, who came from Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. and as far as south of Argentina. Father Krizolog also greeted the parishioners ...

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2nd SABA Conference – Lemont, IL

In September 2014, The Slovenian American Business Association announced the organizations 2nd Business conference titled “Slovenia: Business Opportunities for US Companies”. SABA conducted a conference on Monday November 17, 2014 in Lemont, Illinois. The location of the conference was at the Slovenian Catholic-cultural center whose President is Mrs. Tina Hozjan Ruda. In the program of the conference we had introductions ...

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