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Austrian Experts Help Clear WWII Bomb from Piran

Slovenian demining experts assisted by members of the Austrian armed forces have cleared the Piran Bay of a 250-kilo bomb from WWII, which was discovered last year but left untouched because it was considered extremely sensitive.

The bomb, made in the US, was considered highly explosive because it was originally perceived to have a chemical detonator. However, a second examination, carried out with the help of experienced experts from Austria, showed the detonator was mechanical.

The decision was subsequently made to lift it from its location 21 metres below the sea surface. It has already been transported to the shore from where it will be taken to a warehouse and destroyed.

Andrej Šekli of the Slovenian unit for unexploded ordnance praised at Tuesday’s press conference the cooperation of the Austrian explosives team, which carried out around 20 operations and lifted around eight tons of unexploded ordnance from Austrian waters last year.

This was echoed by Austrian Ambassador Clemens Koja and Austrian defence attache Ewald J. Hausdorf, who highlighted mutual trust as the key to the success of the operation.


Source: www.sloveniatimes.com

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