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Chef Ana Ros cooks at Restaurant Hisa Franko, in the remote village of Kobarid, Slovenia. Photo: AP

Ana Roš Crowned Best Female Chef In The World!

It was a sheer coincidence that Slovenians ended up with two first ladies within the same week – Ana Roš has officially been named the world’s best female chef, succeeding Dominique Crenn from the Atelier Crenn in San Francisco.

The achievement is extraordinary and firmly places Slovenia on the gastronomic map of the world. It also reinforces Roš’s position on the elite list of the world’s top master chefs.

“Ana Roš is the well-deserved recipient of this year’s award for the best female chef. Her thoroughness, attentiveness to details and imagination distinguish her as a real leader in the world of gastronomy. Her passion towards local ingredients, her investment in people and her devotion in raising the art of culinary in her native Slovenia make her an inspiring role model,” is what the group editor of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, William Drew, told MMC.

The World’s Best Female Chef award is given out by The Restaurant magazine, as part of its list of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. With the result, Hiša Franko can now probably expect to be placed among the 100 best restaurants in the world. The only Slovenian representative to ever make it on the list was the JB restaurant, which placed 89th in 2010. However, we will have to wait until April for a confirmation, when it will also be known whether Massimo Bottura’s Osteria Francescana will remain at number one.

Kaja Sajovic, MMC; translated by K. J.

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