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AmCham Business Brief

I talk and write to you often, but my team is not that visible. Believe me they deserve many credits and of course a big thanks from my side. We are all counting down to November 25 when we will celebrate AmCham Slovenia’ 15th anniversary and launch new initiative Believe in Slovenia. Here are their wishes:

» I wish that all of you, our members, friends, supporters from across Slovenia are touched by stories of exceptional people – ambassadors of the “Believe in Slovenia” project. I hope these stories intrigue you with their views on Slovenia, with their wish to help Slovenian young talents and our economy and with an even bigger wish to put Slovenia on the world map of successful countries. I wish everyone in Slovenia got to know them: successful people with Slovenian roots, who live in the USA and still keep Slovenia in their hearts. I wish everyone in Slovenia asked themselves; What can I, you, we do for our country? Therefore: Don’t ask yourself what the country can do for you, ask yourself what you can to for the country.« Vida

» A lot of us want that things change. However, we need to change first. While breaking a wishbone my wish for the future is – don’t talk the talk but walk the walk.« Maja

» An even bigger family of excellent members, who understand and enable our mission on a daily basis. People and businesses that understand how important it is to be connected and to act connected for everyone’s benefit. Loyal patrons of our programs, who know that we do good things and wish to be a part of our success story. A team spirit – from inside out. A lesson of patience for Slovenia learned and a step forward in open-mindedness.« Katarina

And mine? AmCham Slovenia should stay international business community with positive vibe. Thank you for being part of it!

mag. Ajša Vodnik, Executive Director

AmCham Slovenia http://www.amcham.si/en-us/

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