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A Valley of Magic

The northern half of Slovenia contains several glacial valleys, but one of the most beautiful also happens to be among the least visited. The Logar Valley in the Štajerska (Slovenian Styria) region is recognized as a Landscape Park, a special area protected because of its natural beauty and its traditional human settlements. The valley, about seven kilometers in length, was ...

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Port of Koper celebrating 60th anniversary

Koper – The port of Koper is celebrating today its 60th anniversary, as its predecessor, Pristanišče Koper, was established on 23 May 1957. It has since become a major port in the Adriatic and a point of entry for landlocked Central European markets. Following the establishment in May 1957, the port of Koper welcomed its first ocean-going cargo ship a ...

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What’s new in Adelaide’s Slovenian community?

Adrian Vatovec is the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Slovenia for South Australia. He had much to speak about regarding recent events taking place within the Slovenian community in Adelaide. 2017 is a particularly special year because the Slovenian club in Adelaide is celebrating its 60th anniversary. http://media.sbs.com.au/audio/slovenian_170519_686537.mp3 Source: Radio SBS | Lenti Lenko | Slovenian Program

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The Voice of Slovenian Pride

Even though he lived in the 19th century, Janez Bleiweis was a true Renaissance Man. Highly educated, he left a lasting mark as a physician, journalist, and a politician. He founded an influential political newspaper, and helped to bring a sense of Slovenian national consciousness to his readers. Bleiweis was born into a privileged family in 1808. Because of his ...

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Slovenia’s Unknown Wilderness

The eastern Slovenian town of Ptuj is noted for its medieval architecture and draws eager visitors from around the world. Not far from Ptuj, however, lies an altogether quieter world — an area of protected nature known as Šturmovci, where signs of human intervention are difficult to spot. The little-known reserve contains some of the country’s most unusual natural landscapes. ...

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