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“We speak Slovenian at home!”

Mateja Paradiz has been living in Australia for nearly nine years. She shares her experience and highlights the pros and the cons. Whereas, Tina Hodnik is a true inspiration to a younger generation of Slovenians living in Australia. Even though her children were born in Australia, they speak Slovenian as if they were born back home. Listen to the conversation ...

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An Indigenous Breed on Slovenia’s Meadows

Slovenia’s Solčava Valley, under the Savinja Alps, is known for its unspoiled beauty. However, one of the most unique aspects of this area is found in its meadows: an indigenous breed of sheep known as the Jezersko-Solčava breed. One of just four breeds of sheep indigenous to Slovenia, the Jezersko-Solčava variety emerged when local Alpine sheep were bred with Begramesco ...

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Thomas Jefferson May Have Been Inspired By The Proto-Slovenian State Of Carantania

There was nothing quite like it in Medieval Europe. When a new Duke was about to be installed in the Duchy of Carantania of the 7th and 8th centuries, he did not assume power solely by divine right, as was common elsewhere in Europe. Instead, the prospective duke, symbolically wearing peasants’ clothing, faced a member of the peasantry who had ...

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Slovenian Researchers on Team That Described New ALS Gene

Several Slovenian researchers were on the team that described a new gene believed to be associated with increased risk of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. The gene, called C21orf2, is interesting for further studies that will highlight the mechanism causing ALS and could potentially lead to the development of an effective therapy for what is ...

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