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Daily Archives: June 3, 2016

Small Nature Miracle: First Baby Dragon Is Born

After four months of vigilant observation of the amphibian, and the eggs it laid, came the news from the cave: the first baby olm hatched! The olm started laying eggs on January 31, and the embryos within the eggs are becoming more and more active, which is a proof that they are growing and developing, was reported by the Postojna Jama. ...

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Slovenian Month Kicks Off in Buenos Aires

Slovenian month, celebrating historic ties between Slovenia and Argentina, kicked off in Buenos Aires to mark Slovenia’s 25th and Argentina’s 200th anniversary. Various cultural events run until 26 June, culminating around Slovenia’s National Day. Slovenia’s National Day on 25 June will be observed with a celebration dubbed Buenos Aires Celebrates Slovenia. Numerous Slovenian artists and clubs from Argentina, as well ...

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