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Slovenian Pavilion Reaps Unexpected Success at Expo 2015

Slovenia, which showcases its pyramid pavilion at the universal exposition Expo 2015 in Milan, is very happy with the number of visitors turning out at the pavilion, saying this helps to promote the country for new business and tourism. About 4,000 to 6,000 visitors turn up every day. “We expected fewer visitors in August, but quite the contrary, long queues ...

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Joe Sutter – A Slovenian-American is known as “the father of the 747”

It was one of the biggest engineering feats in the history of transportation. It made our world a smaller place. And for its parent company, it was make-or-break project that could easily have resulted in bankruptcy if it failed. At a time when the Concorde was thought of as the aircraft of the future, it was actually the Boeing 747 ...

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Koline and wine tasting at the Slovenian Association Jadran.

Mr Milan Ogrizek, president of the Slovenian Association Jadran spoke to us about their recent koline and wine tasting function, which was held at their club premises on Sunday July 19th this year. Source: http://www.sbs.com.au/

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