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More than 26,000 names in the digital database of Slovene WWI victims

Many people can find their ancestors using the browser of the digital database of all Slovene military deaths. The list includes more than 26,000 names and continues to grow daily. They want to examine at least 90-95% of all victims.

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Dr. Zvonko Fazarinc tells his story

Dr. Zvonko Fazarinc, ASEF supporter & donor, tells his life story about moving from Slovenia ...

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Crowd in Mojstrana admires arrival of Aljaž Tower by helicopter

Several hundred locals, journalists and other spectators waited at the heliport in Mojstrana for the ...

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Folklorna Skupina KRES Picnic

On Saturday, August 11, over 70 members from all of Folklorna Skupina Kres’s age groups ...

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Slovenian Online Language Class. Apply today!

If you wanted to learn Slovenian language but you didn’t have time for set times ...

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Sun, Wind, and Cheese

Slovenia’s Karst Plateau is one of the most unique areas in Slovenia. It’s known for ...

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