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    The town of Kamnik is best known for its medieval old town and for the mountains that surround it. B...

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A House of Bees

Slovenia prides itself as a country of bees and beekeepers. In fact, the UN recently ...

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Pahor Gives Mandate To Form The Government to Janša, Who Will Invite All Parties To Join Him

“The winner must receive an opportunity to justify the support he had been given by ...

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Kauzer Becomes European Champion in Prague

Kayaker Peter Kauzer has become the European champion in whitewater slalom in Prague. The 34-year-old ...

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Lenarčič Presents The Results Of His 20.000 km Long Journey Across Asia

The team behind the Green Light World Flight mission plans to use the data collected ...

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Slovenia Developing New Tourism Branch – Apitourism

Ljubljana – Slovenia, which has initiated the declaration of World Bee Day, is a pioneer ...

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The 36th Super Button Box Bash Celebrates Culture at Slovenian Society Home in Euclid

The National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame and Museum and the Slovenian Society Home teamed up and presented The ...

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